About Dr. Pingel's Ultimate Detox:

If you want to lose weight but find yourself discouraged when the latest fad diets don't provide lasting results, you've come to the right place! 


Dr. Pingel's Ultimate Detox is designed to help eliminate the toxins that's causing your body to hang onto those extra pounds—in only 7 days!


With this easy-to-follow plan, you'll learn:

  • Why your body's been hanging onto dreaded belly fat.
  • Why this 7-day detox is needed before starting any new dietary regimen.
  • How to adapt your diet to rid your body of the very toxins that hinder weight loss.


What's Included:

Dr. Pingel's Ultimate Detox is a digital file that you can download immediately upon purchase, meaning you don't have to wait to start the 7-day program.


You can begin it immediately so that you can see results ASAP!


You'll receive:

  • Dr. Pingel's Ultimate Detox Ebook, including her exclusive 7-day meal plan and tips for success
  • Dr. Pingel's Ultimate Detox Cookbook, featuring her very own recipes that promote detoxification and support healthy weight loss

Dr. Pingel's Ultimate Detox

  • All of the content is digital. Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email with your digital files in .zip format. You will need to unzip file to view and download DetoxCookbook.pdf and DetoxGuide.pdf

    All digital content is a final sale and not eligible for refund. If you have trouble viewing or unzipping your order, please contact us at info@totalhealthapothecary.com.